#23 October 2017

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Articles in the October 2017 edition of Testing Trapeze include:

  • Improving quality in a system integrator environment – Jennie Naylor
  • A learning journey towards cloud computing and the need for engineering empathy – Rasha Taher
  • A Tale of Practice and Perception  – Shaun Boyce
  • A New Look at a Test Automation Approach for Today’s World – Zubin Sethna
  • Drawing Testing – Katrine Kavli


While the cat’s away, the mice will play… and play we have!

While Katrina is off on the conference circuit spreading the good word, I’ve been lucky enough to perform the role of Guest Editor and work with some very wonderful writers and reviewers. Having written many articles myself over the years it’s been a great experience to see how the process comes together from the ‘dark side’. From this day forward I shall never consider an Editor a ‘nag’.

Firstly, a huge thank you to our authors for this edition – Katrine, Jennie, Rasha, Zubin, and Shaun! You’ve all done a fantastic job developing interesting content for our readers. Secondly, an equally huge thank you to our review team for this edition – Lee, Paul, and Brian! Ever dependable with great thoughts and suggestions for our authors. Thirdly, yes another huge thank you… to Ad-Rock (Adam) for his content layout wizardry!

I really hope you enjoy this edition with its broad spectrum of content from a group of authors with differing backgrounds. Thank you to Katrina for the opportunity to bring it to you all.

Enjoy the read,