#11 October 2015

Articles in the October 2015 edition of Testing Trapeze include:

  • Where to start as a technical tester – Jennifer Haywood
  • Testing, Dream Jobs, and Soup – Erik Petersen
  • KWST 2015 – Oliver Erlewein
  • Tyro’s Robotics Challenge – Samantha Connelly
  • How I became a Rapid Software Testing Trainer – Huib Schoots


This edition has been bought together by a group of very busy people. Amidst new jobs, international travel, health problems, and family concerns, both our writers and Trapeze Artists have made time to contribute towards another great magazine.

Thank you to Erik Petersen, Sammy Connolly, Oliver Erlewein, Jennifer Haywood and Huib Schoots for your articles – another great set of experiences and insights for the community. Thank you to Sarah Burgess and Brian Osman for your review expertise, and those from the wider community who provided their insight to articles before we received them. Thank you to Adam Howard who continues to be legendary in layout. Happy reading.