#5 October 2014

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Articles in the October 2014 edition of Testing Trapeze include:

  • Mental Illusions: Cognitive Biases and Software Testing – Erin Donnell
  • Noticeability: Overcome the fatigue of traditional testing – Richard Robinson
  • How on earth did we miss that? – Margaret Dineen
  • Security, we need to spend more time together – Dave Robinson
  • The Blazingly Simple Guide to growing a Test Team – Rob Lambert


In this edition we have another five fantastic articles from New Zealand, Australia and abroad. Thank you Erin, Dave, Mags, Rich and Rob. I really appreciate the tremendous amount of work that each of you has put into writing for us.

Thanks, as always, to our volunteers. This month our review panel included Sarah Burgess for the first time, thanks for stepping in! And our regulars continue to contribute; Brian, Aaron, Oliver and Adam.

We hope you enjoy another stellar edition. Happy reading.