#21 June 2017

Testing Trapeze - June 2017

Articles in the June 2017 edition of Testing Trapeze include:

  • Talk First, Log Later: A primer for logging (or not logging) bugs – James Espie
  • Who should be writing automated tests? – Nicky West
  • Tips for job hunting in New Zealand –  Mamta Vanjani
  • Context-driven testing & the Asian premise –  Randell Parcon
  • Testing Testers: How to hire quality – Stéphane Colson


As a keen reader of Testing Trapeze from the very start of my testing career, I was honoured when Katrina asked me to guest edit this edition. It is fascinating see the process from behind the scenes, coordinating between the contributors and the great team of reviewers. It’s amazing to see how five individual stories come together – and as with many editions in the past, we coincidently have differing perspectives on similar topics.

Many thanks to our writers – James, Nicky, Mamta and Randell. A massive thank you goes to Stéphane, who stepped in last minute and wrote an article in record time. We really appreciate it! Our reviewers this month were Brian, Shirley, Aaron, David and Katrina. Thanks for all your hard work.

An additional thanks to Katrina, who always encourages me to push myself (this role was no different) and Adam, who walked me through the compilation process and has done an amazing job on layout.

Happy reading, Yvonne.