#9 June 2015

Jun15 Download

Articles in the June 2015 edition of Testing Trapeze include:

  • Testing “without” requirements: Discovering and organising information – Jennifer Hurrell
  • Where am I? Tips for the start of a project – Mark Tolfts
  • That’s not the map I had in mind: Meaning, imprecision and taxonomy of visual test models – Aaron Hodder
  • Quality Assistance and Experiments at Atlassian – Panna Cherukuri
  • The 5 languages of testing? – Andy Tinkham


As Guest Editor for this month’s Testing Trapeze, I’ve seen what needs to take place behind-the-scenes to create a polished publication. I have new admiration for Katrina and Adam who consistently produce high-quality and beautiful editions that highlight the diversity and talent in our testing community.

Thank you to Aaron Hodder, Jen Hurrell, Mark Tolfts, Panna Cherukuri and our international contributor Andy Tinkham for your insights, tips, and ideas to challenge our thinking. Thanks also to reviewers Oliver Erlewein, Ed Stewart, Sarah Burgess, and Rich Robinson for your astute suggestions.

Design and layout of the magazine is a substantial task and Joanna Yip has done a tremendous job with this edition. It was daunting taking care of Testing Trapeze but doing so with such talented and generous people has made it a pleasure. Joanna and I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed preparing it.