#1 February 2014

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Articles in the February 2014 edition of Testing Trapeze include:

  • Test cases are not testing: Toward a culture of test performance – James Bach & Aaron Hodder
  • Usability Attack – David Greenlees
  • Can Test Managers harm product quality by being too helpful? – Kim Engel
  • The never-ending journey: teaching, testing, learning – Adam Howard
  • Exploring an exploratory approach to testing – Viktoriia Kuznetcova


The trapeze is an aerial apparatus commonly used in circus performance. It makes me think of flight; two acrobats, swinging in synchronisation, then a well-timed leap of faith. The perfect circus act for which to name our new magazine; reflecting our association with Testing Circus and our goal to share the experiences of high-flying testers, bridging the Tasman Sea.

This corner of the world is home to a remarkable community of testers who study their craft and think critically about what they do. What we lack in numbers, we make up for in enthusiasm. The response to the inception of Testing Trapeze has been supportive and encouraging. We hope that you feel proud of our magazine; that you will want to read it, share it and contribute to it.

In each edition we plan to feature four Australasian voices and one international contributor. Our first set of articles come from those prepared to take a risk on the unknown and deliver quality writing in a tight timeframe. Thank you to Aaron Hodder, Adam Howard, David Greenlees, James Bach, Kim Engel and Viktoriia Kuznetcova. I appreciate your patience with a new review process and a novice editor.

Finally, as editor, I present the public face of a team. Thank you to those who have helped create our first issue. Without you, there is no magazine.