#19 February 2017


Testing Trapeze - Feb 2017

Articles in the February 2017 edition of Testing Trapeze include:

  • The Lazy World of Minimum Viable Testing – Helena Beckert
  • “Lemonade Anyone?” Making the most of your Dev/Test Ratio – Siddesh Jukar
  • A Testing Shift: From Traditional to Agile –  Georgia DePont
  • Catholicism vs Buddhism: Struggles & Reflections on Scaling Test Teams –  Sunjeet Khokhar
  • Something Positive about Negativity – Kim Knup


I believe that one of the key strengths of Testing Trapeze is our continued commitment to diversity. I work to encourage a variety of people to contribute to our magazine as writers, reviewers, and guest editors. It’s important to me that our publication reflects the range of people that I see working in the Australian and New Zealand testing communities.

Thank you to Sunjeet, Helena, Siddhesh, Georgia and Kim for sharing your perspectives as writers for February. Thank you to David, Shirley, Paul, Adam and Sarah for refining these thoughts through the review process. You’ve all helped Testing Trapeze to launch another year of diverse stories.

Happy reading, Katrina.