#13 February 2016

Testing Trapeze (Feb 16)

Articles in the February 2016 edition of Testing Trapeze include:

  • Visual Modelling: Sharing the magic of testing  Adam Howard
  • What Elusive Bugs Have Taught Me – Inderdip Vraich
  • From Cook to Code – John Jenkman
  • Testing in the Mobile World – Titiksha Soni
  • Applying Testing Levers – Amy Phillips


It’s been a very hot February in Wellington, which I’m sure is also the case around most of New Zealand and Australia. With such sunny days it can be difficult to sit at the keyboard and think about testing! Thank you to Inderdip Vraich, Titiksha Soni, Adam Howard and John Jenkman for harnessing all your concentration into a set of great articles.

Thanks also to our international contributor Amy Phillips. Though, as a native of the UK, I’m sure that she wasn’t struggling with quite the same temperatures this month!

As usual, we’ve had a number of reviewers providing constructive and timely feedback to our writers. Thanks Shirley Tricker, Sarah Burgess, David Greenlees, Aaron Hodder and Brian Osman. Your suggestions have really helped this issue shine.

Finally, Joanna Yip has stepped in to run layout again this edition, as Adam is featuring as a writer. I’m sure you’ll agree that Jo has done a fantastic job of wrangling all the pieces of information thrown her way into a beautiful magazine. Happy reading.