#7 February 2015

Articles in the February 2015 edition of Testing Trapeze include:

  • Doing it yourself: How I became more effective at solving problems – Sarah Burgess
  • QA as in Quality Assistance – Sigge Birgisson
  • Imposter Syndrome – Morris Nye
  • My testing journey – Tina Howlett
  • On a role – Michael Bolton


I’m proud that we’re starting the year with a bang! We have four amazing personal experiences from testers across Australia and New Zealand. Thank you Sarah, Morris, Tina and Sigge for taking the time to write for us. It’s also a real privilege to have Michael Bolton as our international contributor.

Our reviewers have done another stellar job of providing guidance and feedback. Thank you Aaron, Adam, Brian, Dave and Shirley for pairing with our writers. As we start our second year as a magazine, we begin to share our behind-the-scenes tasks with a wider group. Shirley Tricker has agreed to lead our June edition as a Guest Editor, and Joanna Yip will be doing the Design and Layout for the same issue. It’s wonderful to have such capable volunteers stepping forward, thank you both. Happy reading.