#24 December 2017

Articles in the December 2017 edition of Testing Trapeze include:

  • A Spectrum of Difference: Creating EPIC software testers – Lee Hawkins & Paul Seaman
  • Sink or Swim? A story of coaching – Anna Marshall
  • Bullying in Tech: It has to stop  – Paul Maxwell-Walters
  • Ideas to start testing without equipment – Cassandra Leung


After four years at the helm, this will be my last editorial for Testing Trapeze. I put out a call for volunteers to all our past contributors, and I’m delighted that people from the community have stepped forward to take ownership of the future of the magazine. From 2018 the Trapeze Artists will include Bede Ngaruko as Editor, Siddhesh Jukar as Graphic Designer, and a lot of new volunteer reviewers too.

As we end an era, I’d like to say a massive thank you to those who have been part of the Testing Trapeze journey so far. Most importantly, Adam Howard has been tireless in pulling together beautiful editions each month. But the magazine would not survive without the consistent willingness of reviewers including Shirley Tricker, Lee Hawkins, David Greenlees, Yvonne Tse, Brian Osman, Sarah Burgess, Aaron Hodder, Paul Seaman, Erin Okoko, Joanna Yip, Rich Robinson, Oliver Erlewein, and others. Thank you to those who led an edition as Guest Editor too.

It’s a pleasure to feature another wonderful set of articles, heading out on a high note. Thank you to Anna Marshall, Lee Hawkins, Paul Seaman, Paul Maxwell-Walters, and Cassandra Leung for writing for us this edition. It’s fantastic to be able to share your ideas and opinions.

Happy reading, Katrina.