#22 August 2017

Testing Trapeze - August 2017

Articles in the August 2017 edition of Testing Trapeze include:

  • Bespoke stubs versus service virtualisation – Bhumika Talsania
  • Technical Skills: Why are you getting all sweaty? – Jaco von Tonder
  • Test Sketching  – Anthony O’Reilly
  • Who owns software quality? – Manthan Gogari
  • Four test management challenges and how to overcome them – Alessandra Moreira


This month I published my first book, which has meant that this edition of Testing Trapeze has taken a back seat. I really appreciate how organised our writers and reviewers have been. We are meeting our publication deadline largely through their time management, as there has been very little influence from me!

Thank you to Bhumika, Anthony, Jaco, Manthan and Ale for your articles. Thank you to Sarah, Paul, Oliver, Aaron, and Lee for your reviews. Thank you to Adam for continuing to craft a beautiful magazine.

David Greenless will be the Guest Editor for our October edition. I’m excited to enjoy the result as a reader, always a different experience to being involved throughout! Thanks David.

Happy reading, Katrina.

One thought on “#22 August 2017

  1. Very good material from Jaco van Tonder and Alessandra Moreira, both articles resonated with me, each in its own way.

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