#16 August 2016

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Articles in the August 2016 edition of Testing Trapeze include:

  • A Conversation Over Coffee: Using data to develop a smarter testing approach – Liz Renton
  • A Tale of Feedback – Nandagopal Rajagopal
  • Transforming Testing Next to the Newsroom – Jamie McIndoe
  • “So how’s the family?”: A look at the importance of communication – David Leach
  • Testers Chutzpah – Smita Mishra


It was a nice surprise to be asked to guest edit Testing Trapeze while Katrina enjoys some time in Canada to present at the CAST conference. The magazine is of consistently high quality so I felt a weight of responsibility to maintain that quality during my brief stint as editor. Luckily for me, the Testing Trapeze community is full of helpful and experienced people who made the job enjoyable and rewarding.

The Australia and New Zealand testing communities are represented equally in this edition – in the shape of David Leach, Jamie McIndoe, Liz Renton and Nandagopal Rajagopal – along with a contribution from India, thanks to Smita Mishra. My thanks to Aaron Hodder, Shirley Tricker, Brian Osman, Paul Seaman and Richard Robinson for their timely and valuable review feedback, helping us pull together five high quality articles for this edition. The stunning visual appearance of the magazine is no accident, so thanks to Adam Howard for putting all the parts together to produce such a beautifully presented publication.

I hope you enjoy the content we have on offer in this edition and that it helps you become even better testers. I also hope that I have added to the Testing Trapeze legacy in a positive way and my thanks again to all those involved in helping me put this edition together.

Happy reading.

Lee Hawkins