#4 August 2014

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Articles in the August 2014 edition of Testing Trapeze include:

  • Applying the agile manifesto as a Tester – Karen N Johnson
  • The art of testing: Lessons from Sun Tzu – Brian Osman
  • Skills you won’t find in a textbook – Shirley Tricker
  • Interview tactics for Testers – Scott Griffiths
  • Changing the context – Andrew Robins


It’s always a pleasure to share the thoughts of amazing testers from Australia, New Zealand and abroad. Thanks Brian, Shirley, Scott, Andrew and Karen for contributing to this edition.

Our review process is designed to support our writers, some of whom are new to writing for a magazine. I’m proud of the consistent standards we achieve; thanks to David, Richard, Oliver and Adam for your reviews.

Finally I’d like to highlight the amazing amount of time put into delivering a magazine that looks beautiful. I am sure that our layout and graphic designer, Adam Howard, spends even more time on Testing Trapeze than I do! Thanks Adam for your continued commitment to excellence. Happy reading.