#20 April 2017

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Articles in the April 2017 edition of Testing Trapeze include:

  • Value in Testing – Hamish Tedeschi
  • Testing Randomness – Anne-Marie Charrett
  • QA and Security challenges in the highly interconnected world of IoT –  Bede Ngaruko
  • So many mobiles, not enough time: My approach to testing mobile applications –  Robyn Burger
  • Test automation for machine learning: An experience report – Angie Jones


Some editions are bumpier than others and April has been quite a ride! Thanks to Hamish, Angie, Robyn, and Bede for submitting your articles prior to the deadline. And a special thanks to Anne-Marie for stepping in at the very last minute to fill an unexpected gap!

Behind the scenes, Jo has done an amazing job with layout this edition. Thank you for crafting another beautiful magazine. Reviewers this month were Brian, Aaron, Paul, and Adam. Thank you for helping our writers to shine.

The June edition will be lead by Guest Editor Yvonne Tse. I’m excited to enjoy it as a finished product, which is always quite a different perspective to being involved in creation. Thank you Yvonne for taking up the reins.

Happy reading, Katrina.