#14 April 2016

Testing Trapeze (Apr 16)

Articles in the April 2016 edition of Testing Trapeze include:

  • Ethics in Testing: It’s time to broaden the lens – Yvonne Tse
  • In Data We Trust: The importance of understanding the basis and meaning of metrics – Kevin Chapman
  • Management & Trust: So simple, so complex, so important – Paul Seaman
  • People Matter: Why soft skills are so important for testers – Kateryna Nesmyelova
  • Dr StrangeCareer: or how I stopped worrying and love the software testing industry – Keith Klain


This edition we’ve had another bunch of busy people squeeze some wonderful writing in to their lives. A big thanks to Yvonne, Paul, Kevin, Kateryna and Keith. I hope you’re all proud of the articles that have resulted from your efforts, particularly the first time writers among you!

As usual, we’ve had some amazing helpers behind the scenes. Thank you to Erin, Brian, Aaron and Adam for your articulate and timely article review comments. Thanks also to Adam who continues to put in the hard yards to make this magazine look so attractive.

Happy reading, Katrina.