#8 April 2015

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Articles in the April 2015 edition of Testing Trapeze include:

  • From test to ops – Angela Baird
  • Doomed to repeat? – Ed Stewart
  • Falling into context-driven testing – Rachel Carson
  • Testers and learning – Chi Lieu
  • That conversation – Anna Baik


Testing Trapeze is about showing the depth of skill in the testing community across Australia and New Zealand. This edition typifies that mission by internationally amplifying the voices of a group of testers who are strong participants in our local community.

Thanks to Rachel Carson, Ed Stewart, Angela Baird and Chi Lieu for your articles. Thanks also to our international contributor Anna Baik who offers advice on a conversation that isn’t often discussed.

As always, Testing Trapeze is possible through the assistance of many people. These articles were peer reviewed by Aaron Hodder, Brian Osman, David Greenlees, Sarah Burgess and Shirley Tricker. Thank you for your keen eyes and diplomatic suggestions. Thanks too to Adam Howard for another beautiful layout and consistently exceptional design.

Our June edition will have a Guest Editor, Shirley Tricker, and a Guest Designer, Joanna Yip. I’m grateful that you’ve both accepted these roles and will look forward to reading the June edition while on holiday in Europe.