#2 April 2014

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Articles in the April 2014 edition of Testing Trapeze include:

  • Teaching Critical Thinking – Anne-Marie Charrett
  • Testing Gravity – Mike Talks
  • Encouraging Curiosity – Alessandra Moreira
  • How did you miss that? Blindspots that sideswipe testers – Dean Mackenzie
  • Where to for the future of software testing – Michael Trengrove


Thank you for the wonderful response to our first issue of Testing Trapeze. It was exciting to see the magazine being distributed throughout testing networks internationally, to have our efforts seen by so many, and to receive plenty of positive comments about what we had assembled.

We learned a lot from the first issue and hope to resolve some of the problems people experienced with our PDF format. Please let us know if you spot something funny as you read, we would like to offer the same reading experience to everyone.

In the following pages we have some amazing articles from another talented batch of testers; Anne- Marie Charrett, Mike Talks, Dean Mackenzie, Michael Trengrove and Alessandra Moreira. It’s a privilege to have contributors of such high caliber; their words make our magazine.