#15 June 2016

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Articles in the June 2016 edition of Testing Trapeze include:

  • Test-Infected Developers  Katrina Clokie
  • Building a Community of Leaders – Deepika Loganathan
  • Learning, Unlearning & Relearning: Reflections on my Experiences in Testing – Saras Shanmugasundaram
  • Building a Community Takes Leadership – Brian Osman
  • A Tester’s Guide to Managing your Manager – Stephen Janaway


Telling our testing stories is important. If we’re to develop our craft and dispel the commonly held notion that any old person can test, we have to become more conscious of our testing. And we can only do that by developing a language with which to express it. Telling our stories helps us refine our thinking in this way, and it’s such a pleasure to be a part of a magazine that encourages this practice.

Sharing their testing stories this month are Katrina Clokie, Brian Osman, Deepika Loganathan, Saras Shanmugasundaram and Stephen Janaway; while Sarah Burgess, Ed Stewart, Erin Donnell and Rich Robinson helped hone those stories en route to the page. I’m grateful to each of you for helping us to inspire others to think deeply about testing.

I hope you enjoy these stories, and are inspired to tell your own.

Adam Howard