Testing Trapeze is a bi-monthly testing magazine to feature testers from Australia and New Zealand.

Our mission is to create a small, simple, quality magazine that amplifies the voices of testers from Australia and New Zealand, presenting a clear, consistent message of good testing practice from existing and emerging leaders. We want to demonstrate the caliber of our community and encourage new testers to join us by engaging in their work at a different level. We want to create a publication that we feel proud of, that truly represents Australia and New Zealand on the international stage; a magazine that you want to read, share and contribute to.

Trapeze Artists

Each edition of Testing Trapeze is brought to life by the hard work of a group of committed volunteers, who are passionate about giving a voice to testing in Australia and New Zealand:

Katrina ClokieEditor
Katrina Clokie

Katrina Clokie serves a team of more than 30 testers as a Testing Coach in Wellington, New Zealand. She is an active contributor to the international testing community as the editor of Testing Trapeze magazine, a mentor with Speak Easy, a co-founder of her local testing MeetUp WeTest Workshops, an international conference speaker, frequent blogger and tweeter.

Adam HowardDesign & Layout Editor
Adam Howard

Adam Howard is the Test Practice Manager at Trade Me, based in Wellington, New Zealand. He is passionate about helping to evolve the way testing is both perceived and performed. A regular speaker at meet-ups and conferences in NZ and internationally, Adam also helps organise local WeTest Workshops and is chief design and layout editor for Testing Trapeze. He also writes about testing on his blog, and occasionally manages to be concise enough to tweet as @adammhoward.

Shirley TrickerReviewer & Guest Editor
Shirley Tricker

Shirley is an independent Test Manager in Auckland, New Zealand and has been working in IT for almost 20 years. She graduated with a degree in Economics and worked in a wide variety of roles before becoming a tester. She feels lucky to have discovered the Context-Driven Testing community
s they transformed her view of testing. She is a co- founder and organizer of both the WeTest Auckland and Women In Technology meet-ups and can be found on Twitter as @shirleytricker.

Lee HawkinsReviewer & Guest Editor
Lee Hawkins

Lee Hawkins is the Principal Test Architect for the Information Management Group of Dell Software. He is responsible for testing direction and strategy across the group and is based in Melbourne, Australia. Lee has been in the IT industry since 1996 in both development and testing roles and his testing career really started in 2007 after attending Rapid Software Testing with Michael Bolton. When he is not testing, Lee is an avid follower of the UK rock band, Status Quo, hence his Twitter handle, @therockertester.

Brian OsmanReviewer
Brian Osman

Brian is the Principal Consultant for OsmanIT, an experienced test manager, tester, consultant, trainer and speaker with over 14 years experience in the craft. He aligns himself with the Context-Driven School and is a proponent of effective, risk based Exploratory Testing. Brian has spoken at a number of conferences in NZ and founded the Kiwi Workshop on Software Testing, also serving as an instructor for AST's BBST course. You can find him via his blog or on Twitter.

Sarah BurgessReviewer
Sarah Burgess

Sarah Burgess is a Tester at Trade Me in Wellington. She also dabbles in scrum mastering for the team she works in. Sarah moved into testing after years on the other side of the fence, and has found it a rewarding and interesting experience. She is a regular at WeTest Workshops in Wellington, and tweets at @kiwidudette.

Aaron HodderReviewer
Aaron Hodder

Aaron Hodder is a context-driven tester from Wellington, New Zealand, with a true passion for the software testing profession. He is an advocate for structured exploratory testing techniques such as session- and thread-based test management, and visual methods of test reporting. Active in the software testing community through speaking at international conferences, he also co-founded WeTest Workshops in Wellington, and regularly blogs and tweets about testing.

Erin DonnellReviewer
Erin Donnell

Erin is an independent contractor based in Auckland, New Zealand. She studied Psychology at university and has a passion for understanding how people think and learn. Erin has been working with software since 2007 in a variety of different roles. Erin is a co-founder of the WeTest Auckland meet-up. She can be found on Twitter at @erin_donnell
or contacted via e-mail.

Paul SeamanReviewer
Paul Seaman

Paul Seaman is based in Melbourne. A former primary school teacher, with an Economics and Finance degree, he has 16 years of software testing experience including leading, managing and coaching test teams. Paul is a context-driven tester with a keen interest in finding ways of improving his own, and other people’s, testing. Paul is a member of the Association for Software Testing and a founding co-member of the Australian Days Test Conference. Paul is an article reviewer for Women Testers and has provided reviews for several published books. He is also an article writer and publishes a blog. On summer weekends you’ll find Paul umpiring for the Victorian Turf Cricket Association (VTCA). You can find him on Twitter as @beaglesays.

Richard RobinsonReviewer
Rich Robinson

Richard is a thought-leader in testing strategies and a passionate test manager. Richard is the president of the Sydney Testers Meetup group, and holds a black belt in the Miagi-do school of software testing. He also contributes to the testing community through blogs, forums, online testing events, and facilitating international peer workshops and conferences. Richard blogs at Hello Test World and tweets as @richrichnz.

David GreenleesReviewer
David Greenlees

David Greenlees has been testing software for over ten years, he is a member of the Context-Driven Testing community and is extremely passionate about the betterment of the software testing craft. He has published several articles, blogs regularly at Martial Tester and Hello Test World, and founded the Australian Workshop on Software Testing. Currently authoring a book on the subject of software testing and martial arts, you can follow David on Twitter via @MartialTester.

Ed StewartReviewer
Ed Stewart

Ed is a quiet but passionate tester from Wellington, New Zealand. He has been testing for almost 5 years
and cares deeply about trying to develop the craft of testing and the way it is perceived.

Oliver ErleweinReviewer
Oliver Erlewein

Oliver Erlewein is a performance tester for PartsTrader in Wellington, New Zealand. Performance is his passion but he is also a proponent of the Context Driven Testing community down- under, and co-founder of the Kiwi Workshop on Software Testing (KWST). He is also passionate about improving the strength of the software testing community and shares his knowledge in blogs, discussions, and by presenting at conferences/workshops.

Joanna YipGuest Designer
Joanna Yip

Joanna Yip is currently a business analyst, but worked as a tester before making the switch and remains passionate about the craft and a part of the testing community in Wellington, New Zealand. A regular organiser of WeTest Workshops in Wellington, Joanna also co-presented at the AgileNZ 2014 conference. You can follow her on Twitter as @Pearls_Pinkbows.